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About SPU

Located approximately 35 miles from the DFW International Airport in DeSoto, Texas; Sumitomo Precision USA, Inc (SPU) offers repair and overhaul services to Sumitomo manufactured heat exchangers for the Trent, BR700 and V2500 engine platforms.

Sumitomo OEM Spare Parts sales for Sumitomo aircraft heat exchangers including V2500 starters and starter valves, TRENT series FOHE and BR710 / 715 / 725 heat exchangers are also available.

SPU provides overhaul capabilities and warranty administration to Sumitomo Precision Products (SPP) heat management systems such as Fuel Cooled Oil Coolers (FCOC) and Air Cooled Oil Coolers (ACOC), as well as other components.

Supported by Sumitomo’s OEM facilities and staffed with OEM trained technicians; our repair facility offers the aircraft and aerospace industry continued support of Sumitomo products and is the only “AUTHORIZED” repair station in North America for SPP heat exchangers.